How to kiss a woman without sexually assaulting her

And then they wonder why men turn to porn and sex robots…


#TrustWomen? Hahahahahaha

There’s a new campaign in town… First, we had to Listen and Believe. Now, we are told we have to #TrustWomen. Why? Because they’re women. And… because it’s 2015. Trust me, it’s still 2015, it’s true, I said it and I’m a woman, therefore it’s true.

Wait, I thought being sexist was wrong and I thought feminism is about equality, then why trust only women, why not everybody? I guess the next campaign will be #TrustMigrants, why not, right? What could possibly go wrong?


“It’s now or never for reproductive rights”

(Women’s reproductive rights, obviously, because feminism is about equality…)

Lying Liar Connie St.Louis is a perfect example of how we should absolutely NOT trust anyone, let alone women.

Trusting, believing somebody at face value = faith. But women are not gods.



Give us gender friendly arms, bulletproof jackets and sanitary pad dispensers

“There are over 20 lakh women personnel serving in the Indian security and police force but when it comes to training, performing their duty and law enforcement, unwarily they step in the shoes of their male counterparts: from body protection gear like bulletproof jackets, helmet to fire arms, all the equipment are designed and made for men. Now for the first time, women personnel across ranks and forces are demanding for gender-friendly equipment, firearms designed with the body specifics of women, ergonomically designed uniforms, construction of toilets, hostels and gender friendly personal policies.”



If the patriarchy exists, everybody should be grateful for it.

“The feminists hate me, don’t they? And I don’t blame them. For I hate feminism. It is poison.” — Margaret Thatcher, to her advisor Paul Johnson

*<I want to address the men in the audience. Sorry, ladies, I love you but this is for the boys.

Question posed to us today was whether we reached an age of gender equality. I don’t think we have. We’ve overshot the age of gender equality by a long stretch, and men of your generation are going to be the primary victims of this era.

In secondary school you will have experienced a system that is tilted against boys.** Your exams will have been primarily modulate, not linear–a system that favors girls. Teachers will have tried to control and apologize for your boisterous behavior, branding you young offenders for pranks or “cyber bullies” for typical male teenage trash talk. Taunting, after all, is how men bond. Your female peers will be encouraged at every stage of their educational journey. They will be told to join a STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics] field, they will be given–showered, in fact–with grants and awards, prizes and encouragement. And when they do get to apply for those jobs, you will be discriminated against–just because they’re a girl. You’ll be the recipients of nothing. There were no programs for men. The suggestion of having a Men’s Officer at your university was laughed at by the student union.

At university, you will be told that you are rapists in waiting, that you need to attend consent classes. Your natural love and affection for women will be neutered. You will be faced with an impossible choice: suppress your natural, healthy romantic interest in women or risk a charge of rape or sexual harassment. If you speak out against this hostile and unfair environment, you will be persecuted by rabid mobs of politically correct lunatics as well as the full force of the establishment media as well.

When your studies have completed you will enter a jobs market that is stacked against you. With companies pressured from all directions to hire women, you will be at a 2-to-1 disadvantage if you are in STEM subjects and possibly worse in others.*** If you do happen to land a job, a single inappropriate remark or a single accusation of an inappropriate remark, or any unsubstantiated allegation, can destroy your reputation forever.****

Despite all this, I am not worried for you. ‘Cause you’re men. Your incalculable, intolerable, impossible obstacles have been placed before you precisely to overcome, and overcoming is what men do best. It’s in the nature of men to battle on under impossible odds: we do that in war, we do that in all sorts of things, and we will do it here. Throughout your education you will have been fed a grim history of what men have done through the centuries. You will be told straight white men are worse than the Nazis. You will have been told nothing good about your sex, your race, or your orientation, but I’m going to tell you something good, and it is: if the patriarchy exists, women should be grateful for it. It is what took us to space, it is what build roads–it builds roads–it is what built the internet, it is what protects and provides for women. If it exists, thank god it does.

With their strengthened determination, men have tamed the wilderness. Men built cities and walls around us, they built the buildings that we’re in. And that curiosity has led us to explore the oceans, their ingenuity has allowed us to reach for the moon. And whenever, you know, feminism rises up and tries to ridicule you, to demean you for what you are–and, you know, it’s interesting, like, how I was gonna talk at this university, right, and I was called by my interlocutor, “troll”. She said it would demean the institution to have me here. When she talked about a Sunday Times article by a respected journalist, she sought to demonize him even though he’s not here to defend himself. She said Martin Daubney was a bad person. Martin Daubney is a personal friend of mine. He is a great person. He spent the last five years of his life advocating for the rights of men and boys.

But this is what they do. Don’t pay any attention to it. Don’t listen to it. We’re not in an age of equality. Straight white women in the West [today] are the most privileged class in the history of our species.

But you’ll be fine.>


A message to Left-Wing feminists

An interesting message from activist Anne Marie Waters. Sometimes one can find common ground even with feminists.


“But here’s the one that leftists really don’t like – not all cultures are equal either. Some cultures are far superior to others, this is nowhere more evident than on the treatment of women. You rightly point out that sexual assault is a serious matter regardless of where it takes place, but the fact of the matter is that these attacks did not take place in Germany prior to now, and German men were not responsible for them. These were attacks carried out by immigrants in Germany, and most have come from Muslim-majority countries.

Rape rates are exploding all over Europe; Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Germany, and especially Sweden. Most of these rapes are not being committed by native men, but my migrants, most of them from the Muslim world.”


“Finally, a few words on Pegida. I understand that many will worry about walking with Pegida due to the undeserved reputation, but I would implore people to remember: those who allowed women to be sexually assaulted en masse, and covered it up, are the same people who call Pegida “far-right”.

These are the people who apparently did not have the resources to defend women from attack, but suddenly found troops and water cannons to stamp on democratic protest. This is where we are.

If a Government keeps its borders open to known dangers, while clamping down on those who protest, I know with whom I’ll be standing. It’s where a real feminist would stand, and I sincerely hope others will join me.”

Important petition

Check this important petition by Kate Russell:


“We are raising this petition to ask the British Home Secretary, Theresa May, to change the statutory guidance issued to UK Police Authorities covering the offense of Coercive and Controlling Behaviour to reflect the true gender and sexuality-neutral nature of domestic abuse crime.

Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse. Men and women. Old and young. Rich and Poor. All races and sexual orientations. It could be someone you care about. It could even be you.

On December 29th 2015 Domestic Abuse through coercive and controlling behaviour became an offence in the United Kingdom through the introduction of Section 76 of the Serious Crime Act 2015.

The law as written is gender neutral, referring to abusers and victims as “A” and “B” which also covers non-intimate and LGBT relationships. However, when promoting campaigns throughout their areas, Police Authorities across the UK consistently use a gendered and heterosexual approach when depicting domestic abuse.

In short, posters and victim support documentation overwhelmingly show images portraying women and children as the victims of male abusers.

This is simply not the case.

According to The Office of National Statistics 2013/14 Crime Survey for England and Wales, in 2014 1.4 million women reported having been victims of domestic abuse, and so did 700, 000 men. That means 33% of all victims were male – and that’s not even taking into consideration that some respondents would have been suffering abuse in non-heterosexual or non-intimate relationships.

So why is the image of a man abusing a woman so consistently used?

In defending this gendered approach to awareness campaigning, Police Authorities and media outlets routinely refer to the Home Office Statutory Guidance document about Controlling or Coercive Behaviour in an Intimate or Family Relationship published in December 2015.

This states in sections 20 to 22 on page 7 of the document:

The gendered nature of controlling or coercive behaviour

20). While all legislation is gender neutral, and men can also be victims of this offence, statistics consistently show that women and girls are disproportionately affected by crimes of domestic violence and abuse.

21). In 2014/15, 92.4% of defendants in domestic abuse flagged cases were male. Where recorded, the proportion of female victims has remained steady at 84%, since 2010-11 (CPS Violence Against Women and Girls Crime Report 2014/15).

22). Controlling or coercive behaviour is primarily a form of violence against women and girls and is underpinned by wider societal gender inequality. This can contribute to the ability of the offender to retain power and control, and ultimately the ability of the victim to access support and leave safely. It is, therefore, important to consider the role of gender in the context of power and control within a relationship when identifying controlling or coercive behaviour in heterosexual relationships.

So, why are these numbers so different from the data gathered by the Office of National Statistics?

The reason is because they are based on reported crimes that have been taken all the way to prosecution, as stated in the Violence against Women and Girls Crime Report 2013-2014.  

The ONS itself cautions against using reported crime data in this way. It states:

“In accordance with the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007, statistics based on police recorded crime data have been assessed against the Code of Practice for Official Statistics and found not to meet the required standard for designation as National Statistics.” 

So, why is this data being used by the Home Office to issue guidance for the policing and investigation of domestic abuse?

Quite simply, it shouldn’t be.

One reason these two sets of numbers differ so vastly is undoubtedly because domestic abuse by females against male victims is massively underreported. It is also a serious and very real problem in LGBT relationships, as well as in non-intimate family relationships.

The current focus on policing domestic abuse and coercive control as a gendered crime ignores vast numbers of victims.

This isn’t about Men vs. Women. It is not about feminists vs. anti-feminists. It is about ALL victims of domestic abuse receiving the same level of protection, policing and investigation.

The law requires it, as laid out in the Serious Crime Act 2015 and the Equality Act 2010 Section 29 Paragraph 2 which states:

(a) A service-provider (A) must not, in providing the service, discriminate against a person (B) as to the terms on which A provides the service to B.

We applaud the changes to UK law that recognise coercive and controlling behaviour as a crime.

By changing just three paragraphs of the Home Office’s brand new statutory guidance document we can help give all victims of domestic abuse a voice, and the confidence to know it will be listened to; whoever they are.

It is fully within the home secretary’s power to change the guidance as laid out in Section 77 of the Serious Crime Act 2015.

Please, tell Theresa May to change the statutory guidelines so Police Authorities across the country can get it right.

Thank you.”



Happy new year, everyone!

I haven’t posted anything in a long time mostly because of our decision to pull the kids out of the (feminist) public school system and start homeschooling them. We had never really considered this option, even though I had always taken care of our kids’ education myself. The new curriculum that is being adopted by British Columbia schools,  combined with the appalling teaching quality (thanks, unions!), the obsession with gender and the importance of feelings over rational thinking, the constant lies that teachers and textbooks tell students in the obvious attempt of depicting boys and men and, more in general, white western culture as wrong and evil… well, these were some of the factors that made us feel like we had no other choice but to take action and go our own way. So far, academically speaking, it hasn’t been too hard, since, as I said, I was already a teacher to my kids and had been for a very long time, but it has been demanding. It’s a big responsibility and a challenging adventure, yet it’s been a wonderful, educational, eye-opening, inspiring experience that so far has been working really well.

Now, even if I had to put the blog aside for a while, I haven’t stopped trying to inform myself and keeping up with what was going on in the world.

Here are some of the events that I couldn’t post about but have surely caught my attention (in no particular order):


Yep. Mr. Obama “got choked up while talking about the 2012 attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, an example of the gun violence that has plagued the US in the last few years.” You have no idea how many on the left defended him and praised him for doing so (read “Why Obama’s tears are so revolutionary” – his tears are described here as ‘historic’, ‘remarkable’). Can fooling people be that easy? Funny how he was crying for gun violence while trying to strip Americans of their constitutional right to defend themselves against violence. Funny how he cried for gun violence to justify his use of executive orders to bypass Congress, whereas he did not cry for the victims in San Bernardino or Paris. Funny how gun violence brought him to tears but he thought it was OK to strike an impossibly dangerous and insane nuclear deal with Iran.

Gun control is one of those many topics such as the wage gap and the campus rape academics that feminists and the Left usually go crazy about, because they approach these topics with their false statistics and use them to distort reality to suit their own agenda. The truth about gun control is not the one told by Mr. Obama, but don’t rely on the media to even mention it.

Now, speaking of the incompetent, biased media… here’s someone who doesn’t seem to be afraid of it:



Mr. Trump has seen a huge increase in popularity in the last few months and I am impressed by what he says and how he says it. He’s straightforward, on point and doesn’t bow to the media, he speaks his mind and gives voice to all of those people who are silenced by the media. Since he offers a point of view that differs from the Left and the SJW’s mentality, people in England and Germany have started a petition to ban Mr. Trump from the country. So much for freedom of speech, tolerance and inclusion that the Left always brags about!

America might have a chance to be great again with Mr. Trump. But what about here in Canada? Well, our new Prime Minister is Mr. Justin Trudeau. The Canadian Prime Minister who just loves China and its dictatorship:

Mr. “Gender-equal Cabinet” Trudeau. The man who is bringing thousands of refugees to Canada. The one who has promised thousands of dollars in benefits and help from the government, even if the Canadian dollar has hit a historic low. The one who’s quickly become famous for answering questions with zero logic.

Reassuring, coming from the person who is running your country.

The countries who have been in big trouble recently are the ones in Europe, where all my family still lives.

The November 2015 Paris attacks, the terrorist attacks that occurred or were stopped in Belgium, in England, in Italy, and many other parts of the world, the invasion of economic migrants (courtesy of Ms. Merkel) and the cover-up of the real rape epidemics that’s plaguing the countries that have welcomed an incompatible culture, all of these events are made even more terrible by the media that describe them and the people that seem to somewhat defend them, downplay them or even deny them. To what extent will the Left and feminists go in order to destroy men and Western culture? What I hate the most about this is how women behave at a time in which  there is a great threat to the survival of our great culture and tradition.

(German girl giving free kisses to “refugees”)

Look at how these brainwashed women have welcomed and given themselves to these men who have absolutely nothing to do with our honorable, Western men, who in turn have constantly been demonized, insulted, destroyed in court by divorce and family laws, deprived of their children and their pride and reduced to the shadow of the giants that they used to be. Watch these men slowly understand what a real rape culture is and what it feels to live in one.

Watch the shock in their eyes as they tell the horror they have experienced at the hands of these foreigners in Sweden and now in Cologne they are shocked at the mere idea that men could actually try to take advantage of them. They’re surprised! Surprised? I thought they said they already lived immersed in a rape culture…. And look at how surprised they are when they say they tried to defend themselves but couldn’t! I thought you said women are better than men in everything and don’t need men at all! And now that these women are starting to realize what they have done, in letting in a massive number of people who belong to a culture that has zero interest in human rights and is brutal towards the weak, now they want men’s help! How dare they even think they can ask for it, let alone receive it?

“The world is safe! We don’t need men!I’m gonna wed the government! Well, good luck ladies, good luck having the government keep you safe now. Now, maybe, just maybe, if you y’all say you’re sorry, sorry for all those insults, sorry for calling you all itchy rapists and patriarchs and abusers and exploiters, sorry about all of that, we’re really sorry, we ed you to come back as human shields to keep these crazy rape cultures from our throats, boobs, vaginas and asses and maybe, just  maybe, men might say: we’ll think about it.”

Honor, integrity, commitment and freedom are human values that the Western world has fought and died for. They’re not achieved overnight. But they can be lost overnight. We need to defend our culture from other barbaric cultures and if we want to survive, us, women, we have to stand by our honorable men and learn to be honorable human beings too. Let’s not put our lives in the hands of treacherous governments that are OK with destroying us for a couple of votes and a couple more years in power.