#TrustWomen? Hahahahahaha

There’s a new campaign in town… First, we had to Listen and Believe. Now, we are told we have to #TrustWomen. Why? Because they’re women. And… because it’s 2015. Trust me, it’s still 2015, it’s true, I said it and I’m a woman, therefore it’s true.

Wait, I thought being sexist was wrong and I thought feminism is about equality, then why trust only women, why not everybody? I guess the next campaign will be #TrustMigrants, why not, right? What could possibly go wrong?


“It’s now or never for reproductive rights”

(Women’s reproductive rights, obviously, because feminism is about equality…)



Lying Liar Connie St.Louis is a perfect example of how we should absolutely NOT trust anyone, let alone women.

Trusting, believing somebody at face value = faith. But women are not gods.




One thought on “#TrustWomen? Hahahahahaha

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