CBC never misses a chance to show journalism is dead and it’s just about propaganda. They won’t be happy until his life is completely destroyed, even if he’s found not guilty. The defense has the right to do anything possible to help him. It’s up to the accusers to prove that he’s guilty. Sorry if it bothers other victims, if he’s innocent he should not pay, a person’s life is more important than your hurt feelings. (And by the way, if they truly cared about real victims like they say they do, they wouldn’t try all they can to keep them being so fragile that anything can “hurt” them. Victimhood is a state of mind. Real victims survived much more than “fear of public scrutiny”.)

Of course, the overall effect of the Ghomeshi trial won’t be known until it’s over. The judge’s decision could become a major factor in whether complainants in other cases come forward.

How does this sentence belong in a news article?? How is this not considered an attempt to affect the judge’s decision???

And what about Ghomeshi’s public scrutiny? He immediately lost his job, everybody knows what’s happening to him even if the trial is still on and instead the “victim’s” identity is protected? Even if the judge finds him not guilty, his career ad what he had built throughout the years have been severely damaged and he won’t get back the time he lost.





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