Letter to an every day woman

Dear every day woman,
I would like to talk to you about our sons, our husbands, all the men in our lives. I want to talk about males.

As women, we don’t always understand men, their sexuality, their practicality; they don’t love talking about their feelings, they are independent and used to rely only on themselves, they are silent, hardworking giants who love to protect their families and are proud to take care of them. They are risk-takers, passionate and resilient, they have invented and built everything we have today, from the chair you are sitting on to the computer I am typing on. Our fathers have dedicated their lives to defend and sustain our family, our husbands are doing the same with us, they give our children the type of care and the unique qualities that honorable manhood has blessed humanity with. Our men are dedicated to their women (and children) and trust and admire us deeply.

Yet, we are failing them. Every day, mainstream media tell us that men hate us, harass us and exploit us. We are constantly told that women don’t need men, women are stronger and better, manhood is toxic and men don’t care for their children and are dangerous to society. Boys will be boys. Men are all the same. They are all cheaters and all rapists and all domestic abusers. The mere fact that they are biologically attracted to women, look at them or talk to them is sick. They are accused of mansplaining, manspreading, and some women even wish that all men were put in a lager, just for being males. The underlying, sexist idea is that men are always the aggressors, and women always the victims and they are always right and not capable of lying and just need to be blindly believed because they are women. Nowadays a woman can walk away from a marriage at any time, file for divorce and automatically be given sole custody of the children and ruin the life of her husband, take everything away from him, everything he had built, and even take his children away. Ever heard of Parental Alienation? Divorce rates are very high and usually initiated by women due to “unhappiness” in the marriage. Families are destroyed.  The court system is also trying to take away the rights that come to us from our glorious tradition of Constitutional values, such as due process, which allows us to defend ourselves in court and give us the fundamental right to a free trial. If a girl at university nowadays has sex (so many of them are very promiscuous and indulge in dangerous habits such as alcohol) and regrets it the day after, she can accuse the boy, have him expelled and ruin his career, even if he was just as intoxicated as she was and therefore unable to consent. If it then turns out, like it often does, that she lied, she will have no legal consequences, her name will not be disclosed, whereas the accused boy’s reputation will be forever stained, regardless of his innocence. Your son could be next.

The courts are just one example of how our society is currently stacked against males. Schools are too. The vast majority of teachers are females and simply can’t handle boys, they either treat them like non-girls or ignore them, or even consider them evil. At an elementary school here in Canada last year, 18 boys were registered for kindergarten and instead of being welcomed, they were considered a problem, an issue and were split into 3 different classes so it would be easier to handle them. Back in the day, when I was in school, we had 1 teacher for a class of 30 kids, of which many were boys, and guess what, she could handle everybody just fine and girls could be in the same class as boys. Our boys are suffering in school, the troubled ones are sent to psychiatrists that put them on antidepressants from the age of TWO! Since they are considered a danger to society and women are considered incapable of defending themselves or even taking responsibility for their own decisions, they want to make sexual education courses mandatory for children, again, as young as 2! And our boys fall behind, their grades drop, fewer and fewer of them graduate. Which means less scientists, doctors, engineers, and so on, which means less progress for all of us. Who wants to see their boy grow up to become a janitor, a sewers worker, a delivery driver (with all due respect to those who work in such fundamental fields)? These are not just low-paid jobs but the most dangerous ones and are mostly done by males. But you don’t hear that on the media. The media tells us that women are paid less then men. They are not paid less. If the system allowed that, employers would only hire women! Instead, it’s called free market and personal choice: women tend to work less hours because of their family commitments and major in fields that lead to less dangerous and therefore less paid jobs, such as gender studies, teaching, etc. Less intelligent, skilled, men and men with low social status are not advantageous for our daughters either: who, how and when will they marry and have children with, in the future? Women are already complaining that today it’s hard to find a man, many are afraid to even approach women, who seem very aggressive and from a much higher social status than they are. Our daughters will be unhappy too in the moment in which they realize there is nobody they can build a family with.

Despite what mainstream media want us to believe, nowadays women enjoy many more legal rights than men: women have the right to genital integrity, to vote without agreeing to die (“conscription immunity”), the right to choose parenthood (they can choose between many forms of contraception and can decide, alone, whether to have or not to have an abortion and force the dad to be financially responsible – he has no choice in the matter, only duties), women have the right to be assumed (competent) caregivers for children, the right to call unwanted, coerced sex rape, the right to lower jail sentences for the same crime, the right to not be assumed sexual predators,  the right to government departments that solely serve their interests (Ministry for women, Office on violence against women, etc. ), the right to government-enforced gender quotas, the right to domestic violence  shelters, the right to not be assumed the primary aggressor in a domestic dispute (yes, female abusers do exist and more than you think). We are constantly told that women are in danger, whereas violence on males is much, much higher than violence on women. The government constantly gives funds to promote women, women in schools, tech, politics, sports, whereas our males are left behind because they are boys. We are always told that there are more men in politics than women, but not that the majority of voters are females and they tend to vote for males. Just a small example of the degree of disinformation and manipulation we receive from the media.

And now one of the saddest aspects of the war on males: suicide rates. Our men are killing themselves at an appallingly high rate, much, much, much higher than women. They are silently going away and we are doing nothing to help them. After centuries and centuries of men taking care of us, we are able to forget our fathers and grandfathers, brothers and husbands and believe those who constantly belittle them and want to take them away from us.

Please don’t let this happen to you. Make sure the males in your life know how much you love and appreciate them. We are all flawed, nobody’s perfect, but together we complete each other and we make our lives better and greater. Don’t take your males for granted, just because they’re humble, contained or discreet with their feelings and sometimes flawed (we are too). Make sure they know that we might be different, but we cherish our differences and love their qualities and don’t let anybody, from the media to our Prime Minister, consider men as second class citizens. Let’s stand up for our men. Let’s stop the war on boys.

(Please note: the fact that I am advocating for males does not mean that I hate women or don’t care about them. It’s quite the opposite. I value both males and females and firmly believe that together they can thrive and that both deserve equal rights. I am aware that not all women are responsible for the war on males, but the ones who do, are the ones who are in power and have power over those who make laws. They are the vocal ones, that’s why it’s so important that if we care about our dads, husbands and sons, we make our voices heard and draw a clear line between those women and us.)

I have evidence for every single thing I wrote, in case you are interested in seeing it I would be happy to provide you with some links. For more on this topic:

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

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