An apology to men

The only valuable apology us women can make to men is not one of empty words, a pretty “sorry” or an easy “thank you”. The real apology that we can make is action.

Action translates into:

  1. Responsibility. Women need to take responsibility for their actions. Enough running to the State when things go bad. Enough blaming anything and anybody but ourselves for the bad decisions we make. We need to grow up and take responsibility for our choices: bad sex, a failed marriage, single motherhood, even abortion, all these outcomes don’t fall on us from the sky, we contribute to them if not actually cause them. We need to categorically say no to victimhood.
  2. Individualism. We have to refuse the collectivist mindset of the female-run beehive society and return to individualism and meritocracy. We have to single out, isolate and when necessary, even shame those women who, for instance, falsely accuse someone of rape or use the State and the court system to destroy their husband. “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other“. This in-group mentality may be valid if there is a threat coming form outsiders, but in civilized Western countries, (white, especially) men are not our enemy nor a threat to us. We need to use reason and logic to analyze each case instead of simply “listen and believe”. Those who commit despicable actions, commit despicable actions irrespective of their gender. If you’re a woman and falsely accuse someone, or make other terrible choices, you will not get a free pass from me just because I’m a woman too. I will actually feel ashamed of being a woman like you and will want to have nothing to do with you.
  3. Virtue. The values of honesty, honor, commitment, self-sacrifice, courage and loyalty are gone, because they are associated with religion, which atheists despise. “Everything is indeed permitted if God does not exist.” (J.P.Sartre) Religion tells us what we don’t like to hear, whereas the religion of atheism tells us what we like to hear, that being unfaithful/irresponsible/selfish/etc. is OK. We have to restore virtue and values, not based on religion, but on Reason. As a woman, I choose to be a person of values (integrity, honor, commitment) – which in y eyes leads to being a person of value – and pursue a man who is also a virtuous person and work hard to raise our children in the light of these values.

A mere “sorry” is not enough.