Feminism wins again

Theresa May is going to be the next Prime Minister.


Anti-feminist Andrea Leadsom has quit. She was the one who had campaigned pro Brexit, but the party preferred May (a Remainer). Why did Cameron even bother quitting? Ms Leadsom has been attacked for being a mother and she showed she wasn’t strong enough to fight. May is a feminist, a Remainer and OK with sharia law. The political class is so detached from the people!

The governing party has just lost its leader because a majority of voters rejected his principal policy, British membership of the EU. It has loopily replaced him with a successor who *also* favours British membership of the EU.


In doing so, it has perhaps accidentally avoided a vote in which someone else might have been picked.

It appears that the interview with Mrs Andrea Leadsom, which appeared in ‘The Times’ on Saturday ….(I have been struggling since to find any quotation from Mrs Leadsom which justifies the headline : Being a mother gives me edge on May — Leadsom’ . I mean, I cannot find any words from her which contain this sentiment, which seems to me to be a problem given that it is so stated in the splash headline)….   seems to have frightened Mrs Leadsom into giving up her campaign for the Tory leadership.

And the media once again has sided with feminism…

Journalists are entitled, obligated in fact, to scrutinise candidates, their competence, their political record, what they have said in the past and proposed policies. What leaves such a bad taste in the mouth is the entrapment of a female politician on such a personal issue such as motherhood. Poor Leadsom, unschooled in the ways of the media and the political world, did not stand a chance.

I was not that invested in either candidate but I did watch in fascinated horror over the weekend how this motherhood story unfolded.

Andrea Leadsom has been thrown under a bus, referred to as an extremist, and called Andrea Loathsome just for talking about her kids.

The Times called mothers monsters. The elite doesn’t like the people, nor men, nor women who love men and children. Time to leave, not just the EU, leave England and all those countries who want to see (white) civilization dead and start over.


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