I see women getting pregnant in their forties… I see women who choose THUGS or deeply troubled men as the fathers of their children, knowing they can easily replace them with the State, I see mothers completely incapable of being in control of their own children, single mothers who then keep dating and dating, thus exposing their children to great risks and instability, I see women constantly disrespecting their husband, saying bad things about their husband, with or without him being there and while thinking it’s funny and cool to do so; I see women considering pets and looks more important than their own children and I hear them say that they don’t want to be “baby machines”, as if that was inevitable nowadays and as if motherhood was a bad thing; I see women demanding free abortions and the right to kill their own babies.

What is wrong with us?

I am all in favor of people being able to make their own choices and I am grateful and very happy that the men in our society have allowed us to choose how to live our lives, this is a great gift that many before us couldn’t afford and many still can’t, whether because they live in a pre-capitalistic/pre-technology society or simply in a culture that is stuck in the Medieval times. I just can’t believe that women now make choices in such a short-sighted, selfish and irresponsible way.

Getting pregnant so late by choice is insane: your body is not strong nor flexible as it used to be, you lack energy, stamina as Trump would say, you expose yourself and the baby to health problems and everything is harder, from conceiving to recovering from birth to being able to give yourself so completely as a baby requires you to do. And what about the child: that child will likely have no siblings and will have to bear the responsibility of taking care of you in your old age when he’s still so young and should be focusing on building his own life! What a burden for your child! And so many women in their 40s and 50s go through health problems, even cancer. What if you only get to spend 10 years with your child? What will happen to him? And don’t you have the desire of seeing him grow, maybe be a grandmother to his own children one day? Time to me is so precious. I would do anything to have one more day, one more with my family.

As women, our first responsibility is towards our children. We can’t let just anybody be the father. Or ignore the father altogether. That baby never asked to be born, to go through life and experience pain and one day die. We make the choice of bringing them into this world, we have the duty of giving them the best life possible and make it so that when they grow up they can be an asset, rather than a burden, to other people and themselves. You can’t keep getting pregnant by a man who is a criminal, or mentally ill or even genetically “dubious”. Genetic issues are carried on. I mean you can make these choices, but you need to be aware of what you’re doing to the child, to your family and to the future of society and be ready to face the consequences. Does the risk of autism increase in case of late pregnancies? Does having a child with a man who has very low IQ or genetic “flaws” affect the IQ or genetic pool of the child? Why is it nobody ever talks about this?

No State can replace a father. A father is much more than a wallet. It has to do with the inherent qualities of manhood. He provides guidance, leadership, authority, balance, strong values and support, both psychological and financial. A child needs his father. I can’t speak for fathers, but I would assume that fathers need to be able to be close to their children, they are his children just as much as they are their mother’s. A principled, honorable woman could never keep a child and his father apart. (Unless there is real danger coming from him. In that case, the woman must do whatever it takes to leave and protect the child.)

Why is it women don’t look up to men anymore? I remember both my grandmothers almost idolizing their husband, respecting their leadership and plainly admiring them and appreciating them greatly. And the combination of a man’s and a woman’s qualities seemed to work very well, one balancing the other, counteracting each other’s flaws. But now honorable manhood has been banned and what a sad, dangerous, empty place our world has become.


For a woman qua woman, the essence of femininity is hero-worship—the desire to look up to man. “To look up” does not mean dependence, obedience or anything implying inferiority. It means an intense kind of admiration; and admiration is an emotion that can be experienced only by a person of strong character and independent value-judgments. A “clinging vine” type of woman is not an admirer, but an exploiter of men. Hero-worship is a demanding virtue: a woman has to be worthy of it and of the hero she worships. Intellectually and morally, i.e., as a human being, she has to be his equal; then the object of her worship is specifically his masculinity, not any human virtue she might lack.

This does not mean that a feminine woman feels or projects hero-worship for any and every individual man; as human beings, many of them may, in fact, be her inferiors. Her worship is an abstract emotion for the metaphysical concept of masculinity as such—which she experiences fully and concretely only for the man she loves, but which colors her attitude toward all men. This does not mean that there is a romantic or sexual intention in her attitude toward all men; quite the contrary: the higher her view of masculinity, the more severely demanding her standards. It means that she never loses the awareness of her own sexual identity and theirs. It means that a properly feminine woman does not treat men as if she were their pal, sister, mother—or leader. Ayn Rand


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