I would never vote for…

I would never vote for a female President (unless I really, really had to)


Why do people think we should vote for a woman President? What would a woman bring to the table that a man can’t or won’t?
Is it experience? But experience and qualifications depend on the individual’s personal life path and if we really want to take experience into consideration, then I will say that a man tends to experience conflict, danger and having to solve it from an early age, whereas a woman tends to be shielded from it and tends to have somebody solve it for her.
If not experience, then is it the capacity of making choices – ’cause that’s what a President’s job consists in? Well, provided that they both have the same IQ level, they are both, a man and and a woman, of similar experience, capable of making good choices. And speaking of intelligence, many studies show that a man’s brain is physiologically better at practical, rational thinking, which surely comes in handy when you have to rule a country.
If it’s not intelligence nor experience, than what is it that a female president would do better than a male president? Is it her alleged nurturing side? But that would mean that she would probably tend to favor policies that would go in the direction of welfare, big government and a more relaxed immigration system, which is what has happened in the countries that have had female leaders and that are now facing very serious economical and social issues, so I would say that is not ideal for the well being of a country, or at least we don’t know enough yet to tell with absolute certainty if such policies are successful for those countries, so voting for a female president who could go in that direction is a gamble.
What about the fact that a President is also the head of the armed forces? A woman doesn’t generally have military experience, a woman doesn’t usually engage in fights not even as a civilian as growing up, which instead is more common among men. How is that going to affect the decisions she will make as far as the armed forces are concerned? Why would an army of thousands of men take orders from a woman who has no idea what they experience? In case they rebelled, how easy would it be to overthrow her? At least in the Middle Ages, the king sending his troops to battle was a warrior himself and would at times fight too. But not a Queen, who sends her men to die for her.
What about foreign policy? We always assume that every country is as civilized and as peaceful as America is, but sometimes countries are not like that and some countries don’t get along. How intimidated would a North Korea or Putin feel by a female President? Would they fear or at least respect her, in case of a disagreement? Well, we could say that a woman is less aggressive than a man and would tend not to engage or start a war. Well, what if the country gets attacked? Will she have to heavily rely on a male army expert? Then there is at the very least no difference from a male president.
It seems to me that there aren’t enough convincing reasons to vote for a woman.
Now, more onto my personal opinion: at my house, if a burglar or worse comes in, I expect my husband to deal with the situation, just like I would have expected my dad to deal with the situation when I was living with my parents. A man is physically stronger than a woman, whether we like it or not. The burden of the protection of the house lies primarily on the man (does that mean the woman in the family shouldn’t know how to defend herself or shouldn’t help her husband fight? of course not, she should be trained and capable and ready to step up for her family).
Out of respect and in honor of the great risks and danger the man faces to protect his family and the great burden he has from a financial point of view (men are usually the bread winners and can get in a lot of trouble if they fail to bring the money home), we should give men leadership in the family and recognize they are in charge. If that works for a single family, how is that different from a whole country?
A male President better represents all of the men in that country who also happen to be the ones who are mostly in charge of physically protecting the country and financially support it (men are the ones who are most likely to work, work longer hours, have the most dangerous jobs and in general, pay more taxes). So, in addition to the other factors, in which a male president seems to be equivalent if not superior to a female president, now we see the “representation” factor. Also, a man tends to be protective towards females, so not only would he be better at representing and uniting the whole country, but he would also be better at defending it, at least in theory.
In my view, there are more reasons to vote for a man than a woman. That said, I think anybody should be able to run for president and everybody should be free to vote whoever they want and if the majority of the voters choose a woman, than that should be accepted.

One thought on “I would never vote for…

  1. “The power to govern is a magnet for the predator class. That is why it is common for governments to evolve into crime syndicates. It is the nature of governments to expand their power. Since power leads to corruption, governments eventually become crime syndicates.” -G. Edward Griffen


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